Kibo is a Canadian sushi chain brand offering high-quality, accessible selections of sushi and other Japanese food choices. We derived our name from the Japanese interpretation of “hope” (“希望” kibō), inspired by the power of sushi to nourish, to uplift, and to bring people together. Every roll of sushi is a story of hope, and we aim to instill in you the same hope that started our journey


Every piece of sushi is a symbol of hope. As we roll together the nourishing ingredients, we bring hope into reality. Each grain of rice and slice of fish carries a promise of something better, brighter.


Our craft marries the traditions of Japanese cuisine and an innovative spirit. Sourcing the freshest ingredients, we meticulously create our sushi, blending years of practice with new flavours, making every bite a memorable journey.
At Kibo, we bring everyone, everywhere, everything

All at Once

Discover Kibo‘s distinct store types, where culinary excellence meets every moment of your life.

Experience the artistry of Kibo Sushi House’s fusion of traditional flavors and modern creativity. Embrace the vibrant atmosphere at Kibo Sushi Izakaya, where authentic Japanese cuisine meets lively ambiance. Relish in the convenience of Kibo Express, offering quick, flavorful bites for urban life. Discover culinary wonders at Kibo Market, a treasure trove of Japanese and Korean delicacies. Grab freshness on the go at Kibo Grab-n-Go, satisfying cravings with convenience.



We find hope in the turning of seasons. We handpick seasonal ingredients at their peak freshness to serve up food bursting with life and flavours. Our menu evolves throughout the year, as we embrace new changes, freshness, and the generosity of nature’s bounty.

Hope is not only in the great food, but also in the community we build together. By collaborating with Canadian farmers and suppliers, we handpick locally grown ingredients to bring traditional flavours from the Canadian fields to your table.

We follow sustainability protocols in sourcing local produce. By choosing Kibo, customers join us in supporting homegrown businesses, promoting sustainability, and making a positive impact on our environment.

“There was a time in my life when things got really tough. It took me a while to discover that joy often lives in the simplest of life experiences. Something as small as a piece of sushi has the power to relieve hunger and nourish the soul. To me, it was a tiny spark of hope, a balance of flavours that reminded me life still had sweet moments. Kibo is more than a restaurant to me. It’s my way of sharing this joy, this hopeful feeling, with everyone.”

Bo Seo, Founder & CEO